Gilven Services


Gilven Services

Gilven Services are interconnected, both internally within SCA, as well as externally through formal partnerships and Fife Employability and Training Consortium (Fife-ETC) with other charitable organisations, Fife Council and a range of other stakeholders.

All Gilven Services provide high quality support and housing for people who are affected by homelessness, unemployment, exclusion or mental health. Gilven’s 3 strands of services are fully integrated, enabling every resident to have immediate onsite access to a diverse range of tailored opportunities.

Gilven Services normally hold open days each summer and winter. If you are interested in supporting our work in any way, please visit or contact us at your leisure. Our services are community focused and you are guaranteed a friendly welcome by our staff, volunteers and residents. 

There is a demand for Supported Housing Service (SHS) to increase the capacity of Gilven SHS and our charity is working vigorously to achieve this aspiration.

In the words of our manager: The Gilven team is the best team I have ever worked with a team of genuine, compassionate, motivated, enthusiastic, flexible and loyal specialists who make an indisputable difference to the lives of each individual we support.