Glirific Social Enterprise


Glirific Social Enterprise

Glirific is the brand name of our social enterprise which is operated through Gilven services. In line with our ethos of involving beneficiaries in all aspects of service delivery and development, recipients were instrumental in reviewing our social enterprise and creating dynamic and fitting branding. The name, logo and strapline reflect the purpose and context of our activities, services and products.

Glirific was previously known as Sew Funky and Funky Flats due to the discrete nature of specific projects and funding sources.

Glirific exists to facilitate skills, build confidence and efficacy, affirm achievement, reduce isolation and support positive health and wellbeing. Independence, co-production and community engagement are additional features of our fully integrated enterprise.

We endeavour to continually learn, develop, diversify and grow Glirific to meet the needs of beneficiaries, customers and wider stakeholders. Our current activities, services and products include:

  • Art and design classes
  • Printing (including clothing)
  • Personalised gifts (canvases, frames, vases, seasonal crafts)
  • Furniture upcycling
  • Garden/horticulture projects
  • Personal Development Awards
  • Bespoke partnership’ programmes

Subject to additional funding, our aspiration is to introduce the following new strands to our enterprise:

  • Graphic design
  • Stationery
  • Basic interior design
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Glirific’s products are currently sold via stalls, open days and ‘word of mouth’. We are excited to announce that our new online shop will be open in April 2017.

Our beneficiaries include young people and adults experiencing homelessness, mental ill health, abuse, unemployment and other forms of disadvantage. Beneficiary involvement underpins and drives our work streams. The impact of our work is illustrated through this particular case study and the following quote:

“Working with social enterprise really does help when you are feeling rubbish inside - I can’t believe just how much it has helped.”

All Glirific income through the sale of goods and services are directly reinvested in Gilven Services. Without funding, our social enterprise would simply not exist, resulting in a detrimental void at individual, group and community levels. SCA is especially grateful to Young Start (Big Lottery) and The Volant Charitable Trust (managed through Foundation Scotland) for their ongoing financial support.